Line-Up – Ibrida*Pluri III

Nous sommes très heureux de vous présenter la 3e édition du FestivalIbrida*Pluri, événement pluridisciplinaire Montréalais qui se déroulera au centre d'artistes Eastern Bloc, 
les 27-28 Avril 2017. 

Cette édition, co-produite par Eastern Bloc, rassemblera plusieurs artistes audiovisuel(le)s québécois(es) qui, pour l'occasion, nous offriront de nouvelles performances audiovisuelles exclusives au festival. 

Les organisateurs du festival, Sonya StefanSamuel Bobony et Guillaume Vallée, ont mis en place différentes performances fantasmées en proposant à plusieurs artistes visuels et sonores de travailler ensemble pour une première fois. 

Nous avons, pour cette édition, 2 structures-partenaires qui présenteront un programme de court-métrages durant le festival : Videographe et Vasulka Chamber Iceland.

Eastern Bloc   7240 Rue Clark, Montreal, QC

Portes                    19h00                                     
Galleries                 19h00-23h00
Screening                 20h00 – 20h45                   
AV Performances           21h00 – 23h00

à la Porte (Single tix) $15.00                           
à la Porte (Festival Pass) $25.00

Poster Gabrielle Godbout 
Artists and Presentation Dates
April 27th 

Small Gallery     Lucy May (MTL)
                  Paige Culley (MTL)
                  Andrew Tay (MTL)
                  Patrick Conan (MTL)
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.22.33 PM

Big Gallery       Ivetta Sun Young Kang (MTL)

Screening:        Vasulka Chamber (Reykjavík, Iceland)
For more info:    PDF Iceland Ibrida_pluri 
Curated by:       Kristín Scheving
Title:            I´m talking to your spirit  

Curatorial statement: Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” —Lao-tzu

There is something in the air, in the water, in our minds. 
We feel the shift coming slowely closer to us and it becomes us. Whenwe listen to each other the messages are clear, there is something else. Different languages are not boundaires between us as we know thatif we listen we will understand it, we will understand each other.

Scheving has brought together a group of North European and Nordic artists who all have weaved into her own lifestory as an organiser, curator and fellow artist. She has asked them to respond to few words that were on her mind when she was asked to make a selection for Ibrida*Pluri festival. 

paralel lives 
1.Katerina Mistal (SE) 11.00
2.Nina Lassila (FI/BE) 8.43
3.Ina Otzko (NO) 1.47
4.Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir (IS) 1.39
5.Haraldur Karlsson (NO/IS) 5.30 
6.Kristín Scheving (IS) 2.12
7.Ivolo Frank (GR/DE) 5.09
8.Sigrún Har›ardóttir (IS) 6.00
9.Margarida Paive (NO/PT) 6.47

AV Performance 1  Audio: Thisquietarmy (MTL)
                  Audio: Black Givre (MTL) 
                  Vidéo: Alexandre Larose (MTL)
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.46.13 AM.png

AV Performance 2  Audio: Khôra (TO)
                  Vidéo: Justine Durand (MTL)
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.10.26 PM.png                 

AV Performance 3  Audio: Jonathan Parant (MTL) 
                  Audio: Julie Richard (MTL) 
                  Video: Raphael Demers (Punk Lab) (MTL) 
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.44.27 PM.png 

DJ (Records)      DJ1 Me Float (MTL) 
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.38.37 PM.png


April 28th 

Small Gallery     Lucy May (MTL)
                  Paige Culley (MTL)
                  Andrew Tay (MTL)
                  Patrick Conan (MTL)
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.23.01 PM.png

Big Gallery       Ivetta Sun Young Kang (MTL)

Screening:        Videographe (MTL)  
Curated by:       Guillaume Vallée / Audrey Brouxel
Title:            Multiformes - 43min16

1.Quid - 5min45 - Marie Noëlle Moreau
2.Seed - 6min56 - Brian Virostek
3.Les eaux dormantes 17min54 - Emmanuel Piton
4.Nakara - 6min41 - Sophie Boloux
5.Granular film-Beirut - 6min - Charles-André Coderre

AV Performance 4  Audio: Joel Lavoie (MTL)
                  Audio: Vicky Mettler (MTL)
                  Vidéo: Charline Dally (MTL)

AV Performance 5  Audio: Stefanie Castonguay (MTL)
                  Audio: Eric Boivin (MTL) 
                  Vidéo: Caroline Blais (MTL) 

AV Performance 6  Audio: Roger Tellier Craig (MTL)
                  Audio: Alex Moskos (MTL)
                  Vidéo: Nihil Minus (NOLA)

DJ (Records)      DJ2 Raphael Foisy!! (MTL)



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